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Click here to download our Lesson Plan Summary

Click here to download our Lesson Plan Summary

About Us

Our animal education program was created by our tiniest animal rescuer, Kaitlin. 

She saw how many animals needed to be rescued everyday and noticed that her friends at school knew nothing about pets. She told us, "We need to teach them". 

Just like that, the Fur-Angel Foundation Education Initiative (FAFedu) was born! Kaitlin worked with the Fur-Angel team and created a program that was fun, interactive, and provided a strong foundation for future generations of responsible pet caregivers. 

Kaitlin was just 6 years old when she created FAFedu and is proof that no matter how small you are, you can make a difference in the world. She urges other kids to do their part to end animal abuse, neglect, and abandonment by taking proper care of their pets. 

Kaitlin's advice to you: "Love them forever, and never give them away."

FAFedu offers classroom presentations, which include a variety of visual aids, games, prizes, and one-on-one learning to engage our students. We cover important topics such as approaching animals, proper pet care, spaying/neutering, and cleaning up after our pets. Download our brochure for a quick summary of our lesson plan and contact us below to setup a presentation for your class!


Thank you for the amazing interactive work stations you provided for our class. The children could not stop talking about It! From learning about microchips to the proper way to approach and take care of animals, the students were engaged and excited. We truly appreciate your mission and vision to both help underprivileged dogs and strengthen the human-animal bond. Such compassion and empathy are what our world really needs. Mahalo for encompassing that.
— Ms. Kelly, Ms. Celina and Room 3 Keiki (KCAA Wai-Kahala Preschool)
Thank you so much for coming to visit our kindergartners! They had so much fun going to the different stations and kept talking about it throughout the day. It was amazing to see the students and community work together. Many students who do not have pets or may get pets in the future got to experience and learn about pet responsibility. The curriculum fit perfectly with our Reading unit and the service animal did great with our young students. We would love for FAFedu to come back again next year and spend more time with our class.
— Christina Kim-O'Ferrell (Makalapa Elementary School)

Contact Us

For more information on our program, or if you would like FAFedu to teach a class at your child's school, please fill out the information below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

FAFedu is currently all booked for the Spring 2018 school year and is now booking for the Fall 2018 school year. 

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