Here at FAF we are always in need of volunteers. Anything from helping with grants, to planning events or even working with the animals! Please consider becoming a volunteer today!

Year-round Donation Items List

If you would like to help our efforts, we are always looking for the following donation items:  

  • Dewormer

  • Capstar - Flea medication

  • Puppy pads

  • New/Lightly used towels/blankets

  • New/Lightly used dog kennels (all sizes) – Metal, Plastic or traveling bags

  • Martingale collars - all sizes

  • Slip leashes

  • Latex-free Gloves

  • Alcohol

  • Spray bottles

  • Monetary donations

Please contact us at 808.763.8662 for donation drop-offs. 

We currently do not have the capacity to help every dog who is brought to us. Operated 100% by volunteers, FAF needs your support! For $18 a month you can save a life. One person can't do it alone, but we can do it together!