Fur-Angel Foundation and Oahu's homeless dogs desperately need your help. Each day we are turning away calls to take in abandoned dogs because we just do not have enough qualified fosters. If you are committed to providing a safe and loving home to one of our fur-riends, please connect with us today! 

Offer a loving home to an abandoned or houseless dog and we'll do the rest! Fur-Angel Foundation provides basic supplies and medical care. Your job is to transport your foster to appointments and love him/her as your own!  


  1. Fill out application

  2. Schedule an in home check

  3. Familiarize yourself with policies and procedures (see application)

  4. Start fostering! (**fostering timeframe can vary from a minimum of 30 days to potentially a few months, depending on each individual circumstance)

*Disclaimer* The Foster dog’s health and behavior has been accurately represented to the foster parent, to the best possible knowledge of FAF. Due to the state in which many of our dogs are found (i.e. abandoned, homeless, etc.) FAF cannot, and does not, make any guarantees as to the health, temperament, mental disposition, or training of the dog. As a precaution, keep your pets separate from the Foster dog until they have been medically cleared by a veterinarian. FAF shall not be held liable for any illnesses or defects the dog may have or develop, or for any injury or damage that the dog may cause.